MCUF Lecture Series

The Marine Corps University Foundation sponsors lecture series throughout the academic year on current topics important to the Professional Military Education of Marines.

Annual Foundation sponsored lectures expand Marines’ knowledge of critical current issues.  These lectures are made possible through funding given by private donors and corporations, and focus on specific traits of Marine Leadership.


Annual Foundation sponsored lectures expand Marines’ knowledge of critical current issues.

GySgt Nick A. Popaditch, USMC (Ret) delivered the Sergeant Walter K. Singleton Distinguished Lecture to Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy students at Marine Corps Base Quantico on May 14, 2017.


 The General Graves B. Erskine Distinguished Lecture Series

The Erskine Lecture Series was established at the Education Center, now the Marine Corps University, in February 1984, in honor of the late General Graves B. Erskine who, as one of the foremost proponents of education for servicemen, was instrumental in the development of modern Marine Corps professional military education. General Erskine’s military career is an integral part of the Corps’ history. He fought at Belleau Wood and St. Mihiel, planned the seizure at Tarawa, accompanied assault forces at Saipan and Tinian, and commanded the 3d Marine Division during the battle of Iwo Jima. Between World Wars, he served in Haiti, Santa Domingo, Nicaragua, and China as well as several Marine Corps Bases in the United States.

Affectionately known as the “Big E”, General Erskine was an instructor at the Basic School and the Senior Course, which was later designated the Command and Staff College.

Even before the cessation of hostilities in the Pacific, General Erskine, as Commanding General of the 3d Marine Division on Guam, organized an extensive educational system to assist his men in their proper reintegration into civilian life. So effective was this program that President Truman, with a special act of Congress, appointed General Erskine as Director of the Retraining and Reemployment Administration. He remained in that post for two years establishing, among other organizations, the President’s Committee for Employment of the Handicapped. Returning to active duty, General Erskine commanded the 1st Marine Division, Department of the Pacific, and Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic prior to another special act of Congress in 1953 which authorized his retirement, advancement to four star rank, and appointment at Assistant Secretary of Defense as Director of Special Operations. He retired from this post in 1961 and was employed in private industry until his death in 1973.

The purpose of this lecture series, sponsored by the Marine Corps University Foundation, is to broaden the perspective of students assigned to the Marine Corps University at Quantico in the social, political, and cultural dimensions of this nation and the world. Distinguished representatives from government, education, journalism, and other major fields are featured guests.


The Thomas Lord Charitable Trust Lecture Series

The annual Thomas Lord Charitable Trust Lecture Series was established in 2011 by the generous gift of the Trustees of the Thomas Lord Charitable Trust. The intent of this lecture series is to bring notable speakers to address the Marine Corps University (MCU) student body, faculty and staff, on a variety of contemporary issues.  The lecture series serves as an integral part of the continuing education and awareness of social, political, and cultural dynamics relevant to today’s Marines, sister service members,and international officers. The Lord Lecture Series provides the students, faculty, and guests an opportunity to receive a perspective of current world issues from renowned experts on contemporary issues.  The goal of the Lord Lecture Series is to challenge MCU students with outside- the-university ideas, to hone the critical thinking skills of the student body, and to provide senior-leader context and perspective to global and contemporary issues.


The Sergeant Walter K. Singleton Distinguished Lecture Series

In December 1999, The Sergeant Walter K. Singleton Distinguished Lecture Series was established at the Marine Corps University in honor of the late Sergeant Walter K. Singleton, USMC.  Sergeant Singleton was killed in action in Vietnam and was posthumously awarded The Medal of Honor for his heroic actions.  The purpose of the lecture series is to broaden the leadership perspective of the Corps’ future leaders attending the Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy. Distinguished combat veterans are featured guests of this annual series.

The Sergeant Walter K. Singleton Distinguished Lecture Series was established through a generous donation to The Marine Corps University Foundation from the Singleton Detachment of the Marine Corps League.


The Marine Corps University Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on charitable tax exempt gifts, is the only Marine Corps charity solely dedicated to supporting the Professional Military Education (PME) of Officer and Enlisted Marines at the Marine Corps University and throughout the Operating Forces. The University leadership’s vision has been twofold – to prepare Marines at all levels to address complex security challenges in a rapidly transforming world through an unparalleled education in security and warfighting studies, and to groom the next generation of decision makers within the Marine Corps, government, and the private sector, equipping them with the critical thinking skills that will enable them to achieve success in any number of career paths.  Charitable contributions for the sponsorship of lecture enhance the professional military education of Marines at Quantico and around the globe.  The Foundation relies on tax-exempt contributions from those who support Marine Corps causes, including Corporate Members, Marine friends, former Marines helping Marines and donations in memory or in honor of someone special. We are grateful for your tax-deductible donation to support the Professional Military Education of active duty and reserve Marines. Semper Fi!