James Lacey, Ph. D.

Major General Matthew C. Horner Chair of War Studies


Dr. James Lacey has been the Professor of War Policy Strategy at the Marine Corps War College (MCWAR) at the Marine Corps university (MCU) for the past decade.  Prior to that he was a widely published senior analyst at the Institute for Defense Analyses in Washington, DC.  Lacey served over a dozen years on active duty as an infantry officer and is retired from the Army Reserves. In addition to teaching at MCWAR he has also taught graduate level courses in Military History and Global Issues at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities. Dr. Lacey was an embedded journalist with Time magazine during the invasion of Iraq, where he traveled with the 101st Airborne Division. He has written extensively for many other magazines and his opinion columns have been published in, National Review, The Weekly Standard, the New York Post, the New York Sun, Foreign Affairs and many other publications. Jim Lacey is also regularly published in Military History Magazine, Military History Quarterly, and the Journal of Military History.

Lacey is the author of Moment of Battle (Bantam), The First Clash (Bantam), Takedown: the 3rd Infantry Division’s 21-Day Assault on Baghdad (Naval Institute Press), Pershing (Palgrave-Macmillan) The Making of Peace (Cambridge University Press) and The Making of Grand Strategy (Cambridge University Press) and Keep from all Thoughtful Men (USNI, 2010) He also has published a trilogy of works on global terrorism (Naval Institute Press).  His two most recent books are Great Strategic Rivalries (Oxford, 2017) and The Washington War, dealing with the relationship between FDR, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the War Cabinet during WW II (Bantam, 2019).  His next work, Gods of War, dealing with those times in history when great captains have fought each other will be published in May 2020.  He is currently researching The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire and Models of Great State Competition.