Matching Gifts

Employer matching gift programs can double the impact of charitable contributions to support the Professional Military Education of Marines.

The Marine Corps University Foundation is a 501(c)(3) designated, educational, non-profit organization dedicated solely to supporting the professional military education of active-duty and reserve Marines here in Quantico, Virginia, and around the world. Working closely with the leadership of the Marine Corps University to ensure mission success, the Marine Corps University Foundation’s efforts support more than 80,000 Marines each year.

Tax exempt donations to the Marine Corps University Foundation support Marines and Professional Military Education, matching gifts double the impact.

Marine Staff NCOs benefit from instruction supported by donations to the Marine Corps University Foundation.

Many Marine Corps University Foundation supporters take advantage of their company’s matching gift program to double, or even triple, their gift. Some companies also match gifts from retirees, spouses, surviving spouses, and outside directors. Please refer to your employer’s policy for matching funds requests, available from your Human Resources Department. The Marine Corps University Foundation is happy to provide all necessary documentation to facilitate matching requests.


The Marine Corps University Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on tax deductible donations and matching gifts, is the only Marine Corps charity dedicated to supporting the Professional Military Education (PME) of Officer and Enlisted Marines at the Marine Corps University and throughout the Operating Forces.  By contributing to the Marine Corps University Foundation today, you will stay directly involved with Marine professional military education.  The University leadership’s vision has been twofold – to prepare Marines at all levels to address complex security challenges in a rapidly transforming world through an unparalleled education in security and warfighting studies, and to groom the next generation of decision makers within the Marine Corps, government, and the private sector, equipping them with the critical thinking skills that will enable them to achieve success in any number of career paths. The Foundation relies on tax-exempt contributions from those who support Marine Corps causes, including Corporate Members, Marine friends, former Marines helping Marines and donations in memory or in honor of someone special. We are grateful for your tax-deductible donation to support the Professional Military Education of active duty Marines. Semper Fi!